Motion control camera

Discover our motion control camera system

Motion control camera


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Motion control camera

Discover our motion control camera system

Motion control camera

Unleash your newsroom studio   

Due to newsroom constraints which are numerous and restrict Art Director possibilities and in order to ease the use of the robots, we developed a simple, flexible and affordable motion control solution to go along with you in your everyday work : the ARCAM system.

Motion control robotic arm

The ARCAM system is a 6 axis collaborative arm. Set on a pedestal or even the ceiling, it grants you many configuration possibilities. Dedicated to wide shot, it can be used with our motion control dolly track.

PTZs control

Our software is also able to control PTZs from Panasonic. As a result the centralization of devices will make your work easier.

Improve your everyday work life

Camera operators are getting more and more polyvalent and systems’ complexity keeps growing. Therefore the ARCAM system is here to ease everyone’s job and allows you to work well with stability.

The French company AR + has a dynamic and qualified team. They know how to be permanently attentive to the demands and expectations of its customers. They are also very responsive and able to adapt under any circumstances. A relationship of trust is established rapidly and promotes constructive exchanges for the monitoring and development of the ARCAM system. We appreciate the collaborative work carried out with the entire AR + team.

Lionel Barbier

Technical Director of Production, TF1 Group


Motion control camera

Discover our motion control camera system

Motion control camera system

Lightweight, mobile and ready for augmented reality

The ARCAM system is fast to set up and to configure.

Any 3D engine can easily work with the ARCAM system, you just need to set the position of the system’s base into the software.

Thanks to network and optical fiber, you can control robotic camera systems on long distance from your control room.

The ARCAM system is IP54 and can resist to many climatic conditions.

The IO.BOT software allows you to control the robotic camera devices directly from your control room.


Motion control camera system ARCAM system for entertainment

A design and ergonomic system you can fix everywhere

Robust and light weight, the ARCAM system can be set up everywhere with simplicity. Thanks to its design, it can be integrated easily in your environment.

Fully automated, it can work on its own during the show.

If you fix the ARCAM system on the ceiling, the arm can work without obstructing lights.

Augmented Reality

Motion control robotic camera system ARCAM system Augmented Reality

No tracker. No calibration.

The ARCAM system can be plugged to any 3D engine and is calibration and tracking free. It uses absolute positionning which ensures you high data quality and no deviance.

With a low latency, you can connect it to :

  • VizRT
  • Orad
  • Xpression
  • WASP3D

We are using the free-d protocol.

Furthermore, our lenses control system ARlens provides focus, zoom and iris data to your 3D engine.


Flexible and lightweight

With its 6-axis motion control robotic arm, the ARCAM system offers a wide range of artistic possibilities.

  • Suitable for animation and stop motion
  • Collaborative robot, minimizes the risk of collisions
  • Quick to set up
  • Can be put on our motion control dolly, on the floor or fixed on the ceiling
  • Controlled via DragonFrame, with our software or manually