Who is AR+ ?

AR+ Augmented Robotics combines engineering expertise and cinema know-how to design ergonomic products for end users.

We are user interfaces makers who tend to create products that are simple, flexible and that offer an excellent return on investment.

We developed a user interface to adapt an industrial robot for broadcast use and so we created a complete solution package which includes the robotic arm, our software and devices.

You already have robotic camera systems ? Tell us about it and we will try to find a solution to help you control everything with only one software.

What we care about are our customers. We do not work for our customers, but we work with them.

We want and need to know everything about your needs, wishes and current situation in order to create and provide the most suitable solution that will make your job easier.

Technologies are constantly evolving and so are we, thanks to our customers and the projects we build together.

They trust us